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The Singapore Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (SCELSE) is a unique interdisciplinary Research Centre of Excellence (RCE), funded by National Research Foundation, Singapore Ministry of Education, Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore. Hosted by the NTU in partnership with NUS, SCELSE is linking new insights from the life sciences with expertise from the emerging technologies in engineering and natural sciences to understand, harness and control microbial biofilm communities. The union of these fields has established a new discipline of Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (ELSE).


SCELSE will be synonymous with the advanced understanding and informed control of complex microbial communities and will enable the development of novel biotechnologies for clean water, a sustainable environment, and human health.

Seminar Series

January 29th 9:30am, CR3 (SBS-01n-23)
CHILAMBI, Gayatri Shankar
Understanding the mechanism of antimicrobial peptidopolysaccharides and COEs on microbial membrane disruption.
POH Wee Han
Mechanism and application of NO-induced dispersal
January 29th 11:00 AM, Room CR3 (SBS-01n-23)
Gerard C. L. Wong, Bioengineering Dept, Chemistry & Biochemistry Dept, California NanoSystems Institute, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Big data methods applied to microcolonies: How motility appendages, exopolysaccharides, and cdiGMP impact early biofilm organization
February 5th 9:30am, CR4 (SBS-01n-24)
Hans Flemming, University of Duisburg-Essen
December 4th 11:00 AM, SBS Classroom 8
Dr. Maria Yung, Research Fellow, National University of Singapore
November 20th 11:00 AM, SBS Classroom 8
A.Professor Karina Gin, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, NUS
November 13th 11:00 AM, SBS Classroom 8
Professor Peter Sloot, Complexity Institute, NTU
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