Our understanding of biofilms is rapidly unfolding with the advent of sophisticated technologies. SCELSE's state-of-the-art facilities feature:

SCELSE's scale-up biological reactors (from laboratory-to pilot-scale) enable easily replicated controlled environments.

•  High Throughput Sequencing Unit using the two sequencing platforms illumina HiSeq and MiSeq. This is supported by a computer cluster with 2,720 core processors and liquid handling robotics;

•  The SCELSE Advanced Biofilm Imaging Facility providing instrumentation tailored to meet the highly specialised and continually evolving needs of biofilm ELSE research;

•  SCELSE has an an extensive range of bioreactors - from laboratory to full scale - to investigate how microbial community structure and function evolve under controlled conditions;

•  SCELSE has a strong in vivo experimentation platform to assess biofilm-based chronic infections and develop approaches for understanding and controlling such infections.