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Nature Conference 2017

Image: Lim Chun Ping and Nguyen Quoc Mai Phuong
Environmental Microbial Biofilms and Human Microbiomes: Drivers of Future Sustainability

Commonalities and differences among environmental microbial biofilms / human microbiomes, into the era of increasing human impact.

February 12-15, 2017 (Singapore)

Partnership between Nanyang Technological University (NTU), SCELSE, Nature Conferences and npj Biofilms and Microbiomes


Nanyang Executive Centre
60 Nanyang View, Singapore 639673
Tel : +65 6790 6699 / 6790 6697
Web :

Organising Committee:

•    Staffan Normark (Karolinska Institute, Sweden)
•    Yehuda Cohen (SCELSE, Singapore)
•    Alexander Zehnder (NTU, Singapore)
•    Staffan Kjelleberg (SCELSE, Singapore)
•    Rebecca Kirk (Nature Communications, UK)






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