SCELSE Seed Funding

The SCELSE Seed Funding is a continuing programme of internal grants that enable SCELSE researchers to follow potential new leads arising from their research, to evaluate new concepts that could in future grow into the basis of larger external grant applications or be developed in conjunction with other basic or applied research partners. The SCELSE Seed Funding programme is drawn from SCELSE’s core funding budget.

Grant Information
Eligibility Information: Open to all Research/Senior Research Fellows and Academics, who have at least 50% appointment in SCELSE.

Applicants are also required to read and comply with “Seed Funding Guidelines”.
Maximum Funding Quantum: Up to SGD $50,000
(Projects are not eligible for Indirect Research Costs)
Maximum Funding Duration: 24 months (2 years)
Application procedures: Download and complete “Seed Funding Application Form”.

Submit duly endorsed form to Associate Professor Yann Boucher ( with the email subject heading “SCELSE Seed Funding Application”.
Evaluation Process and Criteria: The application process involves a brief presentation pitch to the SCELSE’s Research Committee, which will provide feedback for the applicant to incorporate into a final proposal.

The final proposal will be submitted to SCELSE’s Executive Committee, which will evaluate and give the final approval.

Evaluation will be based upon assessment of creativity, novelty, feasibility and the prospects for seeding novel research programmes. Simple extensions to existing programmes do not automatically meet these criteria.
Proposal submission period: Anytime.

Each applicant is only allowed to submit one application at a time.


For any inquiries, please contact your cluster research/deputy research director or SCELSE Research Committee.

Guidelines and Templates
Seed Funding Application Form Seed funding application form.docx
Summary Information Sheet Summary Information Sheet.pdf
Seed Funding Guidelines Seed funding guidelines.pdf
Project Variation Forms Project variation forms.xlsx
Progress Report Template Progress report template.docx