Senior Research Fellow
Biofilm Biology cluster, SCELSE

Dr Binu Kundukad is a senior research fellow in the Biofilm Biology cluster. With expertise in biophysics, her main focus is to understand how the mechanics of biofilm matrix contribute to the structure and function of biofilms. Biofilm matrix plays an important role in protecting bacteria against environmental stresses and hence investigating the mechanical properties of biofilm matrix is the key to understand how to overcome the matrix barrier and mitigate biofilms.

Binu undertook her PhD at the National University of Singapore in Biophysics and Complex Fluids group. She later worked as a research scientist at the Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), where she led the Biofilm Ecomechanics project. Her work focused on developing and using microfluidic devices and biophysical tools such as particle tracking rheology and atomic force microscopy to investigate the mechanical properties of biofilms. She is also interested in investigating the role of non-antibiotic drug and their interaction with biofilms.

At SCELSE, she continues to work on biofilm mechanics, especially on multi-species biofilm communities, the interaction of microbes with pre-existing biofilm footprints and on modified surfaces. She is also working on the role of weak acid drugs on biofilm eradication.