Dr CHAN Siew Herng
Research Fellow
Environmental Engineering cluster, SCELSE

Dr Chan Siew Herng, Stan is a research fellow working with Prof Stefan Wuertz on the fate and transport of model organisms related to aquaculture in marine sediment biofilms. This research aims to better understand the decay of microorganisms such as the known fish pathogen, Tenacibaculum maritimum, in marine sediment biofilms, using laboratory-based flumes on St. John's Island National Marine Laboratory. Together with Prof Stefan Wuertz and Dr Yung Pui Yi Maria, Dr Chan was recently awarded a research grant by the Marine Science Research Development (MSRDP) Programme to investigate the prevalence of antibiotic resistance genes in marine sediments impacted by aquaculture activities. 

Prior to this project,  Dr Chan worked with Assoc Prof Scott Rice for his PhD dissertation which focused on the role of protozoan predation in aerobic granulation wastewater systems. Additionally, his work on experimental biofilms also demonstrated that predation-resistant bacteria can provide cross-protection to other bacteria within a biofilm.