Dr Muhammad Hafiz Bin ISMAIL
Research Fellow
Biofilm Biology cluster, SCELSE

Dr Muhammad Hafiz Bin Ismail is a research fellow in the Biofiom Biology research cluster. He started at SCELSE as a PhD student focusing on the role of filamentous bacteriophages in development and modulation of biofilms. The project required the knowledge of molecular microbiology as well as bioinformatics.

Hafiz's current projects are both new as well as those related to the work he did during his PhD. The new project is part of Singapore's national Marine Science R&D Programme, studying biofilm growth and microbial community composition on anti-fouling surfaces that is relevant to multiple industries, such as water and maritime industries. This project aims to characterise the bacterial community composition of these biofilms and possibly find out if any members of the community has the potential to be detrimental to the performance of the anti-fouling surfaces.