Dr Mercedes Cecilia CRUZ
Research Fellow

Dr Cecilia Cruz obtained her PhD in Environmental Engineering from the National University of Salta (Argentina). As a PhD student she studied the effect of the water matrices on the disinfection by ultrafiltration, detecting pathogens (virus and bacteria) with qPCR. Her PhD also took her to University of Granada (Spain) and Dresden Technische Universitat (Germany) for research internships where she modified membrane surfaces with antibiofouling coatings. At SCELSE, Ceci's primary research interest is the quantitative microbial risk assessment (QMRA) in environmental waters based on metagenomics data. The research forms part of the institute’s Urban Water Cycle integrated programme. Dr Cruz is also interested in the detection and quantification of pathogens in biofilms found in drinking water pipes, using high throughput sequencing and molecular techniques. In addition, she is involved in others projects that study the fate and transport of pathogens in riverine biofilms and characterisation of the composition of multispecies biofilm on nanoengineered electroconductive devices.