ZEISS Microscopy

ZEISS is one of the world-leading manufacturers of microscopes. In addition to excellent light-/ion- and electron microscopes, ZEISS manufactures a diverse range of fluorescence optical sectioning systems as well as high-resolution x-ray microscopes. ZEISS also offers unique technology - such as multiple-beam scanning electron microscopy and helium ion microscopy. ZEISS Microscopy is a leading provider of microscope solutions in the life sciences and materials research markets and Quality Assurance/Quality Control. Microscope systems by ZEISS are much more than just hardware. A dedicated and well-trained sales force, an extensive support infrastructure and a responsive service team enable customers to use their ZEISS instruments to their full potential. More at

Program(s) Involved:

Experimental Biofilms & Synthetic Ecology Bioprocessing Urban Water Cycle Air Microbiomes Host Microbiome (Holobiont) Interactions Biofilm Detection and Control Marine Biofilms & Microbiomes Public Health & Medicine
Loreal - NTU/SCELSE research collaboration - joint lab

Established in 1990, L'Oréal Singapore comprises a Research & Innovation Center for skin and hair science, foresight and open innovation. Singapore is also the site of the Asia Center of Excellence for Microbiome knowledge studies. Leveraging on the rich scientific ecosystem within SCELSE, the joint lab with SCELSE will conduct upstream research within the scope of skin/scalp microbiome. Researchers in the joint lab will look into functional dissection of the microbiome and possible applications of microbes for cosmetics and dermatology. The partners have already jointly patented new technologies and this initiative will expand and strengthen their collaboration in the future.

Program(s) Involved:

Experimental Biofilms & Synthetic Ecology Host Microbiome (Holobiont) Interactions