Annotated bacterial chromosomes from frame-shift-corrected long-read metagenomic data
Reference: Microbiome (2019) 7: 61

Short-read sequencing technologies have long been the work-horse of microbiome analysis. Continuing technological advances are making the application of long-read sequencing to metagenomic samples increasingly feasible. We demonstrate that whole bacterial chromosomes can be obtained from an enriched community, by application of MinION sequencing to a sample from an EBPR bioreactor, producing 6 Gb of sequence that assembles into multiple closed bacterial chromosomes. We provide a simple pipeline for processing such data, which includes a new approach to correcting erroneous frame-shifts. Advances in long-read sequencing technology and corresponding algorithms will allow the routine extraction of whole chromosomes from environmental samples, providing a more detailed picture of individual members of a microbiome.

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Arumugam K., Bagci C., Bessarab I., Beier S., Buchfink B., Górska A., Qiu G., Huson D. H., Williams R.B.H.