Application Procedure
Application Procedure

SCELSE conducts its Graduate Program at both Singapore’s leading universities – Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National University of Singapore (NUS). We welcome outstanding candidates who are passionate about making scientific breakthroughs of tomorrow, with good problem-solving skills and self-driven, to apply and join us in shaping future environmental solutions.

Students enrol into either NTU or NUS, follow a common graduate program and graduate with a degree from their host university. Click on the link to submit your online application to NTU (Further instructions) and/or NUS (Further instructions). If you are shortlisted, you will be invited for at least two interviews for SCELSE to learn more about your research interests.

There are 2 intakes per year:

Last day for submission of Application Interview Period Admission Intake                    
31 January February; March August  
30 June July; August January  


As a guide, please find below the list of SCELSE research specialisations in NTU and NUS to help you decide on the right institution to apply to.

NTU NUS                    
Genomics Computational and systems biology                    
Bioinformatics Bioinformatics                    
Meta-omics Metabolomics                    
Microbiology and microbial ecology Microbial ecology of urban waterways                    
Microbial signalling Microbial signalling                    
Molecular biology of biofilms Chemical biology                    
Biofilm matrix                      
Bioreactor bioprocess ecology                      
Used water treatment                      
Bioimaging of biofilms                      
Admission criteria

First Bachelor’s degree




Local Universities (NTU or NUS)

At least 2nd Class (Upper) with CGPA/CAP 4.25 or above

Not necessary

Not necessary

We will also consider your research proposal, research and work experience, awards received and your publication records.


Overseas Universities

1st Class Equivalent


GRE: Paper-based or computer-based, with validity of 5 years.

≥1300 (Verbal + Quantitative)

≥3.5 (Analytical Writing)


•  Min. V score = 153;

•  Min. Q score = 149


Example, at least:

V:170 + Q:149 (Min.) = 319

V:153 (Min.) + Q:166 = 319




GATE: With validity of 3 years.




Technical Proficiency Test (conducted by NTU): With validity of 2 years. ≥65%

Applicants with a Master’s degree from NTU or NUS with CGPA above 4.5 are exempted from GRE/GATE.


TOEFL: With validity of 2 years.

≥600 (Paper-based)

≥250 (Computer-based)

≥100 (Internet-based)



IELTS: With validity of 2 years.




English Proficiency Test (conducted by NTU):With validity of 2 years.  ≥50%



An official letter stating that English is used as the medium of instruction (for at least 3 years)  from the University of your Bachelor’s/Master's degree.

Applicants with a Master’s degree from NTU or NUS with CGPA above 4.5 are exempted from TOEFL/IELTS

China Universities

Average grade of 85% or above

Iran Universities

CGPA of 17/20 or above

India Universities

1st Class with Distinction