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Commentary: Don't let wastewater go to waste
12 April 2021

SCELSE Research Fellow Dr Anika Cokro tell us why we shouldn’t pooh-pooh the poo!

Please, no pooh-poohing poo. At least that is what SCELSE Research Fellow Dr Anika Cokro would like readers of the local broadsheet The Straits Times to note.

“I used to associate wastewater with ‘destroying’ and ‘removing’ instead of ‘creating’ or ‘generating’,” Dr Cokro tells readers. In their commentary for the paper’s ScienceTalk section, Dr Cokro relates the transformative uses of wastewater and sewage sludge to pressing real-life issues, ranging from addressing water scarcity by way of upcycled wastewater, being a surveillance tool for early detection of COVID-19, to its potential of being a renewable source of energy.

Check out the concise commentary on the powers and potential of wastewater. Remember, every plop counts!


The Straits Times, 12 April 2021: ScienceTalk: Benefits to be reaped if we don’t let wastewater go to waste