Research Fellow
Environmental Engineering cluster, SCELSE

General research interests/research focus at SCELSE:

Within the field of wastewater treatment, my research focuses on understanding the effect of perturbations in function and structure of microbial communities in activated sludge from a multidisciplinary perspective that includes engineering, molecular biology, ecology and statistics. My research has provided some novel insights into microbial ecology theory, particularly related to the balance between stochastic/deterministic community assembly mechanisms, the intermediate disturbance hypothesis, and trait-based life-strategies frameworks. I also enjoy volunteering for projects and organizations with social/educational impact like TEDxNTU, and I am co-developing sustainable treatment alternatives for rural communities with an ongoing project of sustainable tertiary water treatment in Sololá-Guatemala. In addition, as a chemical engineer I have five years of industrial experience including managing operators, mentoring young engineers, team-working in multicultural and cross-disciplinary environments, improving processes, and working under pressure. I am passionate about engineering impact in society through water treatment and water reuse and believe in education as one of the main tools for social development.