Education & Training


SCELSE offers a research environment focusing on scientific excellence, recognizing world-class research as the platform for future innovation, research and development. We are currently building our research strength in “environmental life sciences engineering” and seeks to nurture research talent and foster future leaders in this emerging field.

We are offering SCELSE scholarships, for a four year candidature, that will provide:

  • Full tuition fees
  • Monthly stipend
  • IT allowance
  • Conference allowance
  • Thesis preparation allowance

To find out more about scholarships, visit Information on Scholarships.

Application Procedure
As a guide, please find the list of SCELSE research projects and specialisations in NTU and NUS to help you decide on the right institution to apply to.
Online Application
Please submit your online application to the University
Send enquiries to
Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (SCELSE) Nanyang Technological University 60 Nanyang Drive, SBS-01N-27 Singapore 637551
Thanalachmy K. (Manager, People and Student Relations)